Anil Dewani
Developer, Tinkerer, Enterprenuer

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👋 Hey, I'm Anil Dewani.

I'm an tech-enthusiast with a sound grip on very diverse set of technical toolsets which help me manifest ideas into functional and reliable tech systems.

I've special expertise in managing I.T infrastructures for deploying highly-available and scalable web applications. I admire the art of optimising and enhancing Business Logic and creating functional S.O.P for business operations.

In my free time, I try to give back to the world by releasing open-source projects.

Recent Blog Posts:

Ways to super secure your linux server

Since most of the code we write is hosted on unix like operating systems - I will share some of the methods I use to secure my linux servers using various tweaks, tools and configurations

My Code Development Philosophy

There is always a right way to code and wrong way to code, after having dwelled into various projects and scenarios - I’ve collected various sets of laws/philosophies to abide, for making my code resilient and more aligned towards the industry standards

Enhancing Development Experience

Development experience is as important as user experience - a resilient development setup offers a great structure to the complexities of the whole development process. In this article I present my setup for django web development

Current Open Source Projects:

Firefly Import Helpers

An extended transactions importer for the Firefly III Personal Finance manager software. Dedicated modules for top banks of india, to import bank account and credit card transactions.

 Github Link

Unix Server Backup

An python script focused on doing a detailed daily snapchat of linux servers and automatically uploading them to s3 enabled storage servers.

 Github Link

JAMStack based personal website

Personal website coded using the JAMStack Approach using hugo framework, deployed using cloudflare workers on their worldwide CDN for lowest latency and fastest cache.

 Github Link

SMS Transaction Parser

FastAPI powered API codebase which accepts SMS messages as an input, auto-detects if a particular message is transactional in nature or not, and then parses out all the transactional meta-data and forwards it to Finance Management Systems.

 Github Link


A central hub for all of my configuration files which i've tweaked to enhance my DX (Developer Experience). Comes with an script which can be used to initialise all of new systems or existing systems to adhere to the configurations automatically.

 Github Link

Jira Dashboard

A bird-eye view dashboard which connects via API to your JIRA account and parses tickets assigned to you to guage your upcoming work-load to better plan your commitments.

 Github Link

OSX Locker

This utility changes password of your current osx user to a random password and notifies you of the new password automatically on the next working day. You will not have access to the newly set password until next working day arrives. It locks you out of your own system to enhance your work-life balance commitments.

 Github Link

Ideas Manager

Flutter based mobile application to quickly add new ideas to a cloud database and shift ideas into meaningful modes of operations to better manage them.

 Github Link

System Design Overview

Quick revision notes for conceptual understanding of system design concepts with real-life examples.

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