Anil Dewani
Developer, Tinkerer, Enterprenuer

Lives at: Ahemdabad, Gujarat
Birth Date: 03rd Nov, 1990
Hobbies: Photography
Soft Skills: Fluent Communication & Cognitive Flexibility
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  Tools & Frameworks used by me:

 Web-Application Development
Python, Django, Django Rest Framework & Flask.
 Queue & Cache Frameworks
RabbitMQ, Redis, Huey, Memcached & Varnish.
 Database Management
PostgreSQL, SQLite & MySQL/MariaDB.
 Web Servers
Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn & Uvicorn.
 DevOps Tools
Supervisor, Vagrant, Prometheus, & OpenVPN.
 Scraping Tools
Scrapy, Selenium, urllib, python requests & beautifulsoup4.
 Git and C.I
Gitlab CI & Buddy.
 Load testing
 Security Tools
HawkEye, PyUP, & MetaSploit.
 SEO Tools
SEMRush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner & more.
 Advertising Management
Facebook Ads, Native Ads, AdRoll, Google Display Network, Google Search Ads, Universal App Campaigns & Push Ads.
 Embedeed Systems
Arduino & Raspberry Pi.
 Operating Systems
Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS & Mac OSX

My Open-Source Projects

Firefly Import Helpers

An extended transactions importer for the Firefly III Personal Finance manager software. Dedicated modules for top banks of india, to import bank account and credit card transactions.

 Github Link

Unix Server Backup

An python script focused on doing a detailed daily snapchat of linux servers and automatically uploading them to s3 enabled storage servers.

 Github Link

SSH Monitoring Web UI

Django based web UI application which lists down all the attempts made to login to your server via SSH. Useful to do security audits and blocking out crawler bots doing bruteforce attacks on the server.

 Github Link

Idea Management Mobile App

An Flutter based mobile application which helps to quick add new ideas flowing through the mind, and manage execution of each by shortlisting them into various categories of operation.

 Github Link

JAMStack based personal website

Personal website coded using the JAMStack Approach using hugo framework, deployed using cloudflare workers on their worldwide CDN for lowest latency and fastest cache.

 Github Link