Ways to super secure your linux server

Since msot of the code we write is hosted on unix like operating systems - I will share some of the methods I use to secure my linux servers using various tweaks, tools and configurations

Tools which I self-host on my server

I admire the process of self-hosting open source tools on my own server and being in total control of my own data. This also becomes a learning process as I have to maintain various different types of code-base on my server

My Code Development Philosophy

There is always a right way to code and wrong way to code, after having dwelled into various projects and scenarios - I’ve collected various sets of laws/philosophies to abide, for making my code resilient and more aligned towards the industry standards

Enhancing Development Experience

Development experience is as important as user experience - a resilient development setup offers a great structure to the complexities of the whole development process. In this article I present my setup for django web development